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Notiz — 2024-01-01

State of Projects (2024)

The beginning of a new year is a good time to check for the inventory. In this case I want to give an overview of projects I'm (more or less) working on (or are in the pipeline/backlog).

Some have started only recently, some are on hold (for various reasons).


Personal Website

I am working on different aspects of my personal website. On the one hand, the underlying technology does need an update. On the other hand, while editing JSON/Markdown files was okay for some time, it is about time to have a CMS in place.
Work on that is ongoing, but the frontend part (using Vue) is getting into shape.



"Planer" started as an approach to have a simpler version of my project management applicationFn. Meanwhile, I have transformed it to an Electron application, which sped up development by not having to switch between frontend and backend, but have all coding done in one technologyFn.

As I am using JSON-RPC throughout my projects, the adaptations where quite simple: Swap out the request strategy (file based instead of HTTP calls) and it was done.

I've stripped down it even more, and added a notes part which allows me to gather information quickly. It is using the same block-based I've used in other applications. There are blocks for todo lists, code snippets and repository (for the Npm type, it reads and displays the information from the package definition file).
The issues part is rather stable; using JSON fpr persistence, it should be quite stable and flexible at the same time.


My approach to an HTTP client, with a focus on JSON-RPCFn. While the first initial working version was done in about 3 days, I couldn't stop working on all the ideas that came up.

After about 2 weeks of functional and visual refinements, the implemented features include:

Data Modeller

While working on altering APIs, keeping the data for the tests up to date was getting tiresome to be done manually. So I decided to write an application that would simplify that process by allowing to define data in a simple way and also (semi-automatically) migrate revisions.
For quickly setting up data it also offers a "filler", which will populate records with different types of data (e.g. names, dates).


Concept: Pipeline Designer

Application/package to visually design pipelines/processes.

Concept: Designer

Ideas/concepts for a web-centric design application.



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